Harborview RV Park LLC strives to maintain a welcome, friendly, high quality vacation experience for our Guests. With this in mind, please review and respect the Park Rules and Regulations for everyone’s well-being and enjoyment



These Park Rules and Regulations are incorporated herein by reference to the Harborview RV Park LLC Guest Agreement Terms and Conditions (“Agreement”). Guest hereby agrees to comply fully with all of the Park Rules and Regulations set forth herein. Guest further agrees that if Guest fails to comply with any of the Rules and Regulations set forth herein, Guest shall be in default of the Agreement. Harborview RV Park LLC will be entitled to all the remedies set forth in the Agreement (Including but not limited to, the immediate removal of Guest from the RV Park). Harborview RV Park LLC shall also be entitled to recover all damages, including attorney’s fees and costs incurred in enforcing the Agreement and these Park Rules and Regulations.


  • If for any reason your vehicle cannot fit properly alongside your RV, in your space - please park the vehicle in the street

  • Main driveway to be kept clear at all times due to Fire Department regulation

  • Please do not park any vehicles in un-occupied RV sites

  • Repair/maintenance of vehicles is strictly prohibited in Park.

  • Quiet Time: 9:00 pm to 8:00 am. Please ensure that radios, televisions etc. or machinery do not emit sound beyond your space.Loud music, abusive language or behavior will not be tolerated. No visitors after 10: 00 pm.

  • All invites of Guest shall comply with the terms and conditions of The Rules and Regulations.

  • Guest must be present while invitee’s are in park.

  • Guest agrees to be liable for and to defend, indemnify and hold Harborview RV Park LLC harmless from any claim, demand, loss, cost, expense (including any attorney’s fees, court and other costs) liability, damage or injury caused in whole or in part by a Guest’s invitee or licensees while in Harborview RV Park LLC.

  • Registered guests and all other users of this property are liable for all property damages they cause.

  • Laundry hours are from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. No washing of rugs or large items. Please be courteous and remove laundry from washer and dryer as soon as done. No handicapped access.

  • No use of generators at any time.

  • Do not place hot items on tables or benches.

  • No open fires, charcoal or wood barbeques.

  • Please limit smoking to your personal space.Absolutely no smoking in laundry, bathroom or common areas.

  • Water is precious and under restrictive use conditions here in Morro Bay. No washing of vehicles or RV’s at any time.

  • Restrooms for registered guests only. Please do not give out code. No washing of dishes or other items in bathroom. Please leave restroom tidy after each use, everyone will appreciate it.

  • Site to be clean and free from clutter at all times. Fire laws prohibit storage of materials under and around RV’s.

  • Please, no hanging towels, clothes lines, or unsightly conditions. Harborview RV Park LLC has the right to issue a notice of non-compliance if Guest fails to maintain their space properly.

  • Sink and sewer connections must be airtight with no leaks. As a courtesy to neighboring spaces, please remember to replace the park sewer cap.

  • Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

  • Limit of (2) pets per site. Proof of rabies inoculation and valid license are required for all dogs. No aggressive dogs shall be tolerated at any time in this park. Pets (dogs and cats) must be restrained on a leash of less than 6 feet at all times or in secure enclosure. Pets must not be left unattended outdoors at any time. Continuous barking shall not be tolerated. All droppings from pets must be picked up immediately and disposed of properly. Guests with animals must use every care to assure safety of other guests and visitors.

  • All guests agree to maintain Auto and RV liability insurance. (The minimum required by the State of California as acceptable) during the entire term of occupancy. Extended stay guests must provide Harborview RV Park LLC with a Certificate of insurance evidencing such coverage within 15 days of signing these Rules and Regulations.

  • RV and vehicle must have current registration.

  • All federal, state and local laws must be obeyed at all times while in this park.

  • Harborview Park LLC reserves the right of placement for your RV or Trailer to any site within the park at any time for any reason.

  • Management reserves the right to make changes deemed necessary to these regulations. We are a private park and reserve the right to refuse services to anyone.

  • Harborview RV Park LLC is a “Vacation Park” only. Not to be used as temporary housing, live in situation or permanent residence.

  • Occupants and their vehicles may be removed without a judicial hearing by law enforcement officers upon 72 hours written notice for failure to pay full amount of space rental when due or for failure to comply with written Rules and Regulations of the park. Responsible law enforcement agency: Morro Bay Police (805) 772-6225


Thank you for your cooperation and consideration of these park rules and regulations. Please treat others with respect and kindness – HECK, YOU’RE ON VACATION!   Please enjoy your stay with us at Harborview RV Park in beautiful Morro Bay


I HAVE READ AND AGREE TO COMPLY WITH ALL HARBORVIEW LLC PARK RULES. Signing below acknowledges you have read and agree to comply with all Rules and Regulations stated herein. (Signature on your Registration Form verifies that you have received and understand our parks Rules and Regulations)